Who are you???

Asalam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

Weird title right? but yeah ask yourself that and be honest. WHO ARE YOU???

As Muslimahs we tend to get lost and confused in this big bad world. We are caught between trying to please Allah and trying to please the masses. Trying to dress for Allah but at the same time wanting to look cool for the people. We don’t want to gossip and backbite but we end up doing it because the people we are with are doing it. There is so much we want to stand against but afraid of what others might think. Notice all these are about people? about Allah’s creations and not about The Creator.

Let me briefly remind you and myself about the fabulousity that we are. Apart from the obvious fact that we are queens humbly rocking our crowns, we are the slaves of The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious. How can we not take pride in that?

We are cherished, honoured, elevated to heights noone else can elevate us to apart from The Greatest Allah. We are loved and treated like the queens we are. We are taken care of and all we have to do is walk on the path of the righteous.

We should look into who we are, why we were created and who we serve. We should wear our deen with pride and carry ourselves with the respect that we are taught in the Quran and the sunnah. We should look at the amazing examples we have of Mariam(AS), Khadija(RA), Aisha(RA) and all the other pious examples before us. Do you not want to hang out with them in Jannatul firdaus?

Anyway real stuff. Lets fear Allah in all that we do and strive to get closer to Him every waking day because with every breath, we are closer to our graves. We will definattely go but the question is how have we prepared for that journey?  Lets also love and uplift and support eachother. Lets build a sisterhood based on the love of Allah.

May Allah guide us towards that which makes Him happy and away from anything that will earn us His wrath.

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