Dear Laa’ibah – Self love


Asalam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

My darling daughter, there is so much I would love to teach you as you grow up but one of the most important life lessons is love for self. You are not perfect my love. Noone is. But I need you to embrace and love yourself with your perfect imperfections. You are unique. Noone can ever be you.

Self love goes beyond loving yourself in regards to the physical but also emotionally. You will learn your limits and set your standards. You will love you enough to know when and where to stop. You will love yourself to know when to get out of situations and which ones to not get in at all. You will love yourself so much that you will be able to turn away from things you want in favour of what you need. You will love yourself enough to say NO when you have to and to fight when you know you can. Not everything in life is for everyone and you will love yourself enough to know that. It is great to be selfless but not at your expense. You my love will learn to choose you.

I will be your No.1 cheerleader in all you do but I will need you to know yourself too. Don’t just go by what I say. I need you to see those amazing qualities in you so that you never need to seek anyone’s approval.  Being surround by a gazillion people is not happiness. You will have to protect yourself. Get rid or better yet avoid toxic relations. You are not meant to be friends with everyone. Be nice but set your limits. You will love yourself enough to always want to protect you. It is good to be loved but you don’t need others’ love to move on in life.

My baby girl, as I said before, you are not perfect and neither are we. You will make mistakes. sometimes even more than once but I beg you please please please my girl learn to forgive yourself. We are our worst critics but cut yourself some slack. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Ask Allah and whoever you may have wronged in the process to forgive you then move on. With this comes appreciation. Appreciate and big yourself up when you achieve something. Reward yourself for a job well done. We are our greatest motivation too.  So love yourself enough to acknowledge your own achievements.

You will eat well, look good and generally take care of your body because you love you and wouldn’t want to hurt you. You will treat yourself to the spa and a shopping spree once in a while and that’s OK.

Above all, you need to love Allah! once you strengthen your love for Him, you will understand his magnificence and love yourself. You my princess were created by Al-Khaliq (الخالق) The Best creator,  Al-Musawwir (المصور) The Shaper of Beauty, so I need you to know that you are the best of creation! You will find many people in life that may try to talk you down but pay them no attention. There will be ads in your face showing the world’s version of beauty and intelligence etc but do not mind them. While they may be edited or scripted, you are real. You are the best version of you! – You  will also love yourself enough to do what Allah loves because you will want to be in the best of Jannah! You will pray and give in charity and help and learn about the deen because the love you have for yourself will be enough to know that you do not want to dwell in Jahannam. You will nourish your soul with the remembrance of Allah because of the love you will have fr yourself.

I am on a self discovery journey. My mummy taught how to work hard and be strong and amazing but I was never really taught how to love the amazing person I was working so hard to become. Without realising it, I ended up doing so many things to fill the void. I made sure those around me were happy even if it meant me not being. I don’t want you to have to go through that at a later stage. It is something I vow to instill in you and encourage right from now and May Allah make it easy for us.

P.s Excuse me if there is some blabbering. I am no expert on this. I am just starting my journey too.

There is a big difference between self love and pride!

You cannot love others the right way if you don’t love yourself

Happy 5 months today!!!!  


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  1. This is very very beautiful mashaAllah, i love it!


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