Harmony International Preschool Uganda


Asalam aleikum wrahmatullah wabarakatuh, Our review is here again. Another Muslimah owned and run business. I present to you Harmony International Pre-School. Amazing place Ma Sha Allah and I say that because I have also seen results from there. I have a niece and nephew who go they and they are annoyingly smart Ma Sha Allah lol.

“Harmony International Pre-School strives to promote an individualised programme of learning and discovering talent through a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. We strongly believe that by making activities fun and exciting, we will inspire young children to learn.

Our programme is child-centered and parent-inclusive, while providing a uniquely stimulating environment. We respect the fact that children are different and encourage them to make individually-appropriate choices thereby becoming self-directed in their learning. This helps them to develop as individuals and as members of their community. Harmony accepts children from as young as 6 months without discriminating on the basis of race, national origin or religious beliefs.

The curriculum offered at the school is about developing key learning skills such as speaking and listening, concentration, persistence and learning to work together and co-operating with other children. It is also about developing early literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare the children for Key Stage One of international curriculum/ Primary 1 of the National Curriculum.


To provide a quality early learning education that is purely child-centered and parent-inclusive.

We offer:

  • In-home care for 6 months old babies through to Preschool
  • Separate nursery for babies to sleep and play
  • Lunch and snacks provided (formula excluded)
  • Offer special services like drop-in care and extended or weekend hours
Kiwafu Road, Kansanga
P.O.BOX 12889
Kampala, Uganda
P. +256-790-914-771
Facebook: www.facebook.com/harmonyinternationalpreschool


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