Asalam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,
REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW. It is all about the working muslimah, trying to promote their hustles. For a feature, email mimzmirembe@gmail.com
iCandy is everything and a bag of sweets! They offer a variety of candy (all halal) for everyday sweet lovers and also do candy bars for all occassions from weddings to bridal and baby showers etc…

I’m talking gummies, jellies, chews, gum balls, jelly beans, nut candies, chocolates of all kinds, candy coated chocolate, hard candy, soft candy, pastry covered candy, candy on candy on candy. Their ‘candy bars’ are beyond anything we have seen in Uganda. May Allah continue to put barakah in this.

P.s They have since moved on from just candy bars to decorating for small events (up to 100 people)

iCandy provides both wholesale and retail and they pride themselves in their excellent customer service and extra personal touch to ensure you get perfection always.

Below are two events that they did for me. My baby shower and my 1 year anniversary. so yeah, I have to experience the product before I hype so I know what i am recommending. With that said, I loved the outcomes and the customer service was impeccable.

Check them out on their

Instagram page – iCandyug ,

call them – +256-774-321-117

email – icandy256@gmail.com

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